Eby Ghafarian Wants to Create a New York–Based Skateboard Magazine

For this week's Mahal, I spoke to New York-based skateboarder Eby Ghafarian about Stoops, the new skateboard magazine he's currently raising money for on Kickstarter.


NEWTHINGS and AMO Had a Kickass Fashion Show

I headed down to the grand opening of the Lower East Side AMO Studios art space and NEWTHINGS fashion installation and caught up with the two people behind it, Ana Bezanilla and Edwin Bolta, to learn a little more.


Cruising with Philadelphia's Rap Guru Ryshon Jones

This week, I drove around in a fancy car with Philadelphia's Rap guru Ryshon Jones, as we chatted about his latest project, Hope Is a Dangerous Thing, an album and poetry collection examining hope in 21st century America.


Help Mosaic Man Finish His Mosaic Trail

For this week's Mahal, the Lower East Side's Clayton Patterson introduced me to Jim Power, the legendary Mosaic Man. Over the last 25 years, he has been creating the Mosaic Trail, a series of tile-encrusted lamp posts highlighting the people and places...


Simon J. Heath Talks About His New Movie 'Ten Men Talk New York'

This week, Lower East Side legend Clayton Patterson invited me to the screening of Simon J. Heath's new film, Ten Men Talk New York. A tale about what New York means to ten of its natives, the film doesn't fall short of its title. I caught up...


The Gonz Goes to Soho

To ring in the New Year, I hit up Soho's snow-covered streets with Mark Gonzales. Whether he's on a bike or a skateboard, the Gonz shreds like no other. This week, I was privileged to shoot a video of him skating in the streets and to ask him some...


Marco Hernandez: The Skate Life Photography King of Staten Island

For this week's Mahal, I caught up with skate-life photographer, Marco Hernandez. A native of Staten Island, home to one of the world's largest landfills, Marco snaps pics of skateboarders, bums, dead animals, girls, and anything else that catches his...


Lost at Sea with Adam Mignanelli

After designing for VICE for many years, Adam Mignanelli has moved on to creating fine art and founding the Ballast Projects, an organization that curates exhibitions of artwork created by young and emerging artists. When he’s not championing the works...


Shredding with Galen DeKemper

Galen DeKemper has been shredding New York City for the last decade. For this week's Taji's Mahal, I got to talk to him about his latest skateboarding video, 'MMM,' how Houston Bump and Gay Ledge are his favorite skate spots in the city, and the future...


Taji’s Mahal - Fun Du Monde

This week I hung out at Vito Fun's “Fun Du Monde” video release party. Vito, if you don’t know, is a guy whose photographs have appeared regularly in VICE; he also makes music, works at a studio, DJs a lot, and likes to have fun (hence his name, in...