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Foodora Is Leaving Australia In a Shadow of Employee and Union Complaints

“Foodora would rather pull out of Australia and leave thousands of riders without work rather than pay them the millions of dollars they owe."
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

Sorry, The Tampon Tax Probably Isn’t Getting Killed

Today's good news is not enough to end the controversial tax.
Wendy Syfret
Australia Today

These Are the 80 Jobs Where Women Outearn Men

Payday is considerably less depressing for gymnasts, surfers, and master fishers.
Wendy Syfret

Trump's 'Tax Reform' Is Just Another Bailout for the Rich

The president says he cares about workers. What his administration wants to do on tax policy says otherwise.
Harry Cheadle
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Australian Politicians Just Failed to Axe the 'Tampon Tax'

The Senate has voted down a proposal to remove GST on the "luxury items" menstruating women can't help but buy.
Katherine Gillespie
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Melania Trump's $51,500 Coat Reminds America They Live in an Oligarchy

Look upon it and despair.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump's New Tax Plan Would Cut Taxes for the Rich and Businesses

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin released the president's one-page bulleted list Wednesday, which called for tax cuts across the board.
Drew Schwartz

A Meat Tax Is Probably a Good Idea

This past tax day, PETA rolled out an unappetizing idea: a meat tax. But when we dug into the details of their proposal, we found that it's more than just trolling.
Mike Pearl

My Stray Joke Tweet Helped Launch an Anti-Trump Tax Day March

"I did not really mean to do this," says comedy writer Frank Lesser.
Pete Voelker

America Almost Made Filing Taxes Easy, Then Lobbyists Showed Up

A 1998 law ordered the IRS to allow people to pay their taxes without filing a return. Why hasn’t it happened?
Steven Yoder
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A Timeline of Donald Trump's Week from Hell

A bizarre debate performance, a feud with a former beauty queen, an unearthed appearance in a Playboy video, allegations of business done with Iran and Cuba, a reported billion-dollar loss, and lots and lots of denials.
Harry Cheadle

We Asked People How Much They Would Pay to Stop Brexit Happening

Apparently government squabbling and the hiring of civil servants to take us out of Europe is going to cost taxpayers £65 million.
Morgan Harries