mental health

A Sanity Checklist for 2019

These 4 things are likely affecting your anxiety level. If you’re trying to get your head on straight, this is the most fundamental place to start.
Rajul Punjabi
a day ago

Chinese Scientist Says He Edited Babies' Genes to Be HIV-Resistant. But the Government Put a Stop to it.

"I was shocked because this is so beyond the pale of what scientists are doing or considering acceptable to do."
Lauren Prince

People Who Buy Smart Speakers Have Given Up on Privacy, Researchers Find

Smart speakers raise a number of privacy questions, which owners are choosing to just shrug off.
Kaleigh Rogers

Study Says Students Would Rather Go Without Food Than Without Their Phones

Research into smartphone addiction is still in its preliminary stages, but folks: It's looking bleak.
Jelisa Castrodale
VICE News Tonight on HBO

How Bitcoin Helped Track Down Suspects in the Russia Investigation

One blockchain developer showed VICE News how to trace just anyone with a bitcoin wallet.
William Turton

How Mobile Phones Changed Drug Dealing

This is how your mum and dad used to get their pills.
Paulie Doyle
VICE News Tonight on HBO

3D Printed Guns Are Easy to Make and Impossible to Stop

Although it must be said, gun enthusiasts aren't impressed with the quality of the 3D-printed guns.
Joshua Hersh

Google Wants Back Into China — and Will Censor Search Results to Get There

"It’s hard to resist the red sirens of the world's biggest internet market.”
David Gilbert

Crab Shells Could Become the Plastic of the Future

Researchers have found that instead of going into the garbage, crab shells could be going into a new form of biodegradable packaging.
Lauren Rothman
sex education

Sex Ed Vloggers Say YouTube Is Censoring Their Videos

For many young people, YouTube is a valuable source of sex education—but some content creators are accusing the company of "shadow-banning" them and limiting the visibility of their content.
Sirin Kale
radical solutions

How Tech is Helping to Solve the Refugee Crisis

Smartphones as survival.
Royce Kurmelovs
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Elon Musk Is Feuding with an Artist About a Farting Unicorn

He said the whole fiasco was "kinda lame."
Drew Schwartz