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I Followed Teen Instagrammers’ Advice for a Week

‘Thread accounts’ are the new ‘Tiger Beat’ so I followed as many as I could.
Ebony-Renee Baker
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Teens Could Actually Go to Jail for Trick-or-Treating in This Virginia Town

Any teen caught spending their Halloween in the most wholesome way imaginable could face six months behind bars.
Drew Schwartz
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Meeting The Teenagers Who Still Stan My Chemical Romance

Being a super-fan of a band who broke up five years ago is a unique situation, but one that persists with MCR.
Gina Tonic

'Conspiracy Nut,' Today's Comic by Stephen Maurice Graham

A teen gets sucked into a vortex of internet conspiracy theories and starts believing that he can't trust anyone, not even himself.
Stephen Maurice Graham
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David Copperfield Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Teen Model

Brittney Lewis said the magician invited her to a show when she was 17 and then slipped something in her drink before attacking her.
Drew Schwartz
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We Asked Some Teenagers What We Should Be Listening to in 2018

These are all actually really, really good.
Deborah Ijaduola

Meet the Gold Coast Guy Building a Nang Delivery Empire

Jayson is delivering up to 6,000 nangs a night. But he's thinking bigger.
Maddison Connaughton

Photographing Japanese Schoolgirls, Without the Stereotypes

Everyday images of an all-girls high school in Tokyo where life doesn't imitate anime.
Katherine Gillespie
Nice Song, What's It About?

Talking "Alternative Ulster" With Stiff Little Fingers’ Jake Burns

The vocalist and guitarist of Northern Irish punk legends reflects on their stirring anthem.
Tim Scott

Teens Are Trolling Themselves Online as a Cry for Help, Study Says

We already knew it was happening, just not how often.
Rebecca Kamm

A Letter to Pauline Hanson, Who Thinks I'm Too Stupid to Vote

The Government is happy to take teenagers' taxes, but not their opinions on real issues that affect them.
Melissa Li
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Today's Teens Are Lame as Hell, Study Finds

Research indicates teenagers are waiting longer than ever to date, drive, have sex, or drink booze.
Drew Schwartz