terence mckenna

    • 9.9.14

      'The Butterfly Hunter' by Klea McKenna

      When Terence McKenna died in 2000, his belongings included his art, his books, and, among other things, an insect collection. In 2008, his daughter, Klea McKenna, wishing to preserve his insect collection, published a book featuring 122 insects that...

    • 9.2.14

      Dennis and Terence McKenna: Parts of an Intellectual Dyad

      In 1970, Terence McKenna and his brother, Dennis, traveled to the Colombian Amazon in search of a DMT-containing plant. Instead, they took psilocybin mushrooms which involved “building a hyper-dimensional vehicle out of the 4-D transformation of...

    • 8.26.14

      Why Are Psychedelics Illegal?

      Terence McKenna viewed cannabis, psilocybin, DMT, LSD, and other psychedelics as “catalysts of intellectual dissent.” He believed that they were illegal “not because it troubles anyone that you have visions” but because “there is something about them...

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    • 7.29.14

      Death and the Imagination

      This installment of Tao of Terence presents a collection of McKenna's thoughts on death and the imagination, presented in the style of one of his lectures.

    • 7.22.14

      One Version of 'One Version of Terence McKenna’s Life'

      The public story of Terence McKenna’s life—in my view, and by my estimates—is a ~450-page book, which could be titled 'One Version of Terence McKenna’s Life.' The following is my eight-page, fractal-inflected, short-story-esque version of that...

    • 7.15.14

      Terence McKenna's Memes

      Last week, in the first installment of this series, I told the story of how I first encountered Terence McKenna. This week, I’ve organized a list of my 30 favorite Terence McKenna memes.