A Sydney Charity Recruited a 19-Year-Old For ISIS

The teen was apprehended while trying to enter Syria and has been held in a Lebanon jail for nine months.


Why the London Van Attack Wasn't Immediately Called 'Terrorism'

Let's clear up some confusion.


​Racism Rears Its Head Again In Australian Cricket: Australia vs South Africa

It is the second high profile incident in which South African cricketer, Hashim Amla, has been labelled a 'terrorist' by someone from the Australian cricket fraternity.


Ahmad Khan Rahami's Dad Feared His Son Was a Terrorist in 2014

Mohammad Rahami reportedly told New Jersey police he was concerned about his son after a violent domestic dispute in 2014, before later recanting.


What Is Daily Life Like in Raqqa Under the Current Bombing Campaign?

We talked to Varyan Khan, the editorial director of the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, about what effect the airstrikes are having and if we can ever really know what's going on over there.


The Vultures Trying to Make a Profit Off the Paris Attacks

Thanks to the rise in internet shopping and on-demand printing, anyone with a computer can turn themselves into a grief entrepreneur.


The Racist Backlash to the Paris Attacks Is Helping the Islamic State

Islamophobia just helps reinforce the extremists' message that Islam and the West can't coexist.


Shitty Remarks, a Torched Mosque, and Other Ways Canadians Responded to the Paris Attacks

While many Canadians showed their support for the world's terror victims, some showed a more hateful side to the country's Muslims.


Speaking to Shocked, Defiant People at London's Vigil for Paris

London's French community braved the rain in Trafalgar Square to mourn the victims of the terrorist attacks.


Terrorists Stole This Guy's Identity and Used it to Recruit Young Women

You know you're in trouble when terrorist hackers send you a satellite photo of you outside your house.


A 17-Year-Old Has Been Added to a List of the World's Most Wanted Terrorists

Aseel Muthana's name was added at the behest of David Cameron, reportedly the first time a government has requested that its own citizens be included on the UN list.


Turkish Hotel Staff Pranked Some Tourists with a Fake Terrorist Attack

One vacationer even had a mystery liquid labeled "fuel" poured over him by a guy with a crudely drawn-on beard and an improvised headdress.