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Noisey Power Rankings: November 5 - November 9

Lil Jon got snubbed by the dementia President so that's a positive in our book. But Scary Spice goes down because Baby Spice puked in her mouth once.
Noisey Staff
Deep Shit

Ordering The Chainsmokers “Everybody Hates Me” Lyrics by Chainsmokers-Ness

"I post a picture of myself 'cause I'm lonely / Everyone knows what I look like / Not even one of them knows me​" is not even top.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Who Is the Sick Boy, Really? A Meditation on The Chainsmokers’ New Single

Is it you? Perhaps.
Alex Robert Ross
Future Days

All New Music Is Bad (Except for Desiigner)

How the collective desire to consume everything all the time has made music fans not able to understand anything at all.
VICE Staff
Noisey 2016

How Did The Chainsmokers, of All People, End Up Dominating 2016?

Analyzing the bros, the music, and the voices behind the year's biggest hit-making machine.
Emilee Lindner
thump news

The Chainsmokers Continue To Say Stupid Shit: "Basically Brain-Raped" Calvin Harris

It seems clear at this point that they are not getting PR training.
Alexander Iadarola
thump news

This Country Cover of Major Lazer's "Cold Water" Feels like Taking DMT

It's the past, present, and future, all at the same time.
Ezra Marcus
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Are The Chainsmokers Really "Just Frat Bro Dudes" in Disguise?

The chart-topping EDM duo's comments in a new Billboard cover story raise questions about a new flavor of dance music masculinity.
Ezra Marcus
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Halsey and The Chainsmokers Get Uncomfortably Close Performing "Closer" at the VMAs

Mind the underboob.
Noisey Staff
thump exclusive stream

The Chainsmokers Fill Your “Waterbed” with Carbonated Electronic Pop

Mimicking bubbles with synth riffs, the track is a fizzing buoyancy.
Rachael D’Amore

In Defense of Taking Selfies in Depressing Places

Selfies can give meaning to lives where none previously existed—validating some and giving the rest something to make them feel superior.
Dave Schilling