The Man


How ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Taught Me the Real Meaning of Christmas—Don’t Trust the Man

What happened when I was forced to learn Celine Dion’s ‘Titanic’ classic for a holiday party.
Graham Isador
ok, wow

The Big Sexy Return of Brandon “The Man” Flowers

He’s got gas in the tank! He’s got money in the bank!
Emma Garland
Noisey News

The Killers Announce New Album, Bring Disco Funk On "The Man"

'Wonderful Wonderful,' the band's first album since 2012's ''Battle Born,' doesn't have a release date yet.
Alex Robert Ross

What It's Like to Give Up on Your Dreams

"Now, it still makes me cry to think about art and how crushing it was to give it up. I miss it every day and wish I had stuck with it."
Tori Telfer
The Man

The Cult: Anthony Mundine

Described as "arguably the greatest cross-over athlete in boxing history," Anthony 'The Man' Mundine reached the pinnacle of not one but two of the world's toughest sports - rugby league and boxing.
Jed Smith

What Music Are Cops Listening To?

I conducted an unscientific survey by staying up one night, drinking a bunch of pink SoBE and vodka, and calling up random precincts around the country to find out what music the man is into these days.

Weekly Music News Round-Up: Ja Rule's Coming Home, Madonna Might Get Kicked off Instagram, and Danny Brown and Baauer are Hitting the Road

Also, a mini-treatise on The-Dream.
Drew Millard
The Clowny Clown Clown Issue


Young Jeezy may not have the metaphors of Jay-Z or the output of Lil Wayne, but what he does have is the best voice in rap coupled with the charisma of a Southern preacher running a used-car lot.
VICE Staff