The Midwest


The Real and Rowdy Lydia Loveless Is So Over “The Alt-Country Songstress Bonanza”

The Ohio songwriter talks about her sonic evolution on new album 'Real,' her relationship with death, and the documentary 'Who Is Lydia Loveless?'


We Saw Bon Iver Debut the New Record '22, A Million' with a Bunch of Wet Wisconsinites

Justin Vernon and company played the new record at his music festival Eaux Claires in the north woods. Mother Nature was even in attendance.


Pearl Jam’s Bassist Has Personally Funded More Than a Dozen Skateboard Parks in the Midwest

Jeff Ament has used his fame and success to help build skateparks all over Montana and South Dakota, many on Native American reservations.


Rumors of a Lion on the Loose in Milwaukee Led to a Man Shooting a Dog

Reports of a "lion-ish" creature roaming the city has residents on edge.


Drunk Guy in Minnesota Falls and Gets Impaled, Pulls Out Fence Posts Himself, Is Fine

There are a lot of reasons not to do this, but it seems to have worked out for this guy.


To Hell with All That: Why I’ll Never Move to New York or Los Angeles

Every year, thousands of starry-eyed kids move to coastal metropolises in search of something they could find anywhere.


The Wisconsin Cop Who Shot an Unarmed Biracial Man in March Won't Be Charged

The officer who killed Tony Robinson was cleared of wrongdoing by the local district attorney.


Jealousy, Greed, and Soccer Moms: Exploring the 'Great Beanie Baby Bubble' of the 90s

Zac Bissonnette talks to VICE about the story of Ty Warner's billion-dollar plush toy empire and the speculative bubble it created.


Justin Townes Earle's "Time Shows Fools" Is Here to Help You Drift Away into the Afternoon

It comes from his upcoming album 'Single Mothers.'


Mission Creek Festival: The Anti-Bro Festival in Bro County, Iowa

The charming festival happens every year in Iowa, which is a state in the middle of the country, which is an area you probably don't really think about because you're a dick.