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These Are The 'Sopranos' Locations We Most Want To Rent

Tony Soprano's New Jersey home is on the market, but what about the Bada Bing?
the mob

The Wild Story of the Real-Life Mobster Who Starred in ‘The Godfather’

Marlon Brando was Gianni Russo's only acting coach. Frank Sinatra was his only singing teacher. He's got tales.
Seth Ferranti
Restaurant Confessionals

How to Bartend When Your City Is Run by the Mob

I’d always joke to coworkers whenever a fight started, “Oh good! There’s wrestling on TV tonight.”
Dario D’Avino

Why Prosecutors Believe the Mafia Contributed to the Death Toll of Italy’s Earthquake

It may be a natural disaster, but the complex relationship between organized crime and the aftermath of earthquakes goes back decades.
Thomas Gane

Infiltrating Drug Cartels Made Me Lose My Faith in Police and the State

Gianfranco Franciosi spent six years helping the Italian police catch international drug traffickers. Now he's broke and scared for his life.
Leonardo Bianchi

What Happened to the American Mafia?

The FBI says that the mob is still an existential criminal threat in America. We asked some former Gambino family soldiers and two La Cosa Nostra experts if that's really the case in 2015.
Seth Ferranti
Epitaph For A Head

Psychedelic Drugs, A7, and That One Incredible EP: An Interview with Urban Waste

Johnny Waste from the classic, and now reunited, NYHC band Urban Waste talks about the early days of the band and NYHC.
Tony Rettman
Holy Shit

Here's Your First Look at Damaged City Festival 2015

Check out the lineup for the East Coast's most crucial all-ages hardcore punk festival.
Noisey Staff

I Can't Stop Watching 'Casino' and Thinking About Its Clothes

Sharon Stone slinks on screen with her athletic sensuousness. She’s greedy, insecure, and aware of the power behind her sexuality, which knocks men senseless. When Ace (Robert De Niro) makes her his wife, he offers her everything he can imagine will...
Thessaly La Force