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Minority Reports

What It's Like to Be a Black Bull Rider in the Southern US States

VICE met with two black bull riders in Texas—an accomplished pro, and a young, up-and-coming rider—to find out what it’s like to be a person of color competing in a predominantly white sport.
VICE Staff
woman seeing woman

Peyton Fulford's Intimate and Vulnerable Photos of Queer Southern Youth

With her series “Infinite Tenderness,” the photographer develops a new narrative for LGBTQ kids in the South.
Elyssa Goodman
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This Guy Seems Pretty Chill for Being Trapped in a Car with Thousands of Bees

Wally Leatherwood is a legend.
Drew Schwartz

This 72-Year-Old Takes Oddball Photos of the Deep South

Jane Rule Burdine is the subject of a new documentary directed by the Bennett Sisters.
Kelsey and Rémy Bennett
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Georgia Lawmaker Asks State Capitol to Recognize 'Confederate History Month'

The Republican representative says his resolution only aims to pay tribute to Southern heritage—but it doesn't mention slavery.
Drew Schwartz

Danny Lyon's Civil Rights Photographs Capture A Protesting People

The iconic photographer documented a movement and democracy in action.
Antwaun Sargent

How Do You Photograph A Gospel Song?

Shane Lavalette takes photographs about music. They're about the melodies you can almost reach out and touch.
Shane Lavalette
the vice reader

'Virgin and Other Stories' Is a Brilliant Book About Sex and God in the South

We caught up with debut author April Ayers Lawson to talk about her beautifully disturbing new collection of stories.
David Gordon

I Met the Rappers Trying to Legitimise Hick-Hop and One of Them Licked Me

Country rap, also known as hick-hop, has been dismissed as cultural appropriation and musical abomination. One group of rappers is trying to change that.
Zach Goldbaum

Gordon Parks’ ‘A Segregation Story’ Travels Back in Time to 1950s America

Newly rediscovered photographs vividly show America’s separate and unequal past.
Antwaun Sargent

Dan Ball’s Unseen, Intimate Photographs of Memphis's Music Scene

The Memphis native shot some of the most influential musicians of the past 30 years—including Jay Reatard, Three 6 Mafia, and Sonic Youth—often in his home.
Dan Ball, Words by Hunter Braithwaite
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A Judge in Texas Forced Some Dude to Either Marry His Girlfriend or Go to Jail

The weird order may have been illegal, but the couple took the deal anyway.
River Donaghey