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Just How Many Guns Do Americans Actually Own?

Some fans say the number is as high as 600 million. Here's what the data really shows.
Alex Yablon

The ER Doctor Exposing the Insane Brutality of Gun Violence

Reading through the responses, she had to take breaks because of how viscerally upsetting many of the tweets were.
Beatrix Lockwood
Las Vegas Shooting

People Are Bidding Insane Amounts for 'Bump Stocks' After Vegas

The devices that speed up semi-automatic guns were all over Stephen Paddock's hotel room. With Congress considering a ban, they're a suddenly hot commodity.
Alex Yablon
Las Vegas Shooting

Gunshot Survivors Have Stories For the Las Vegas Wounded

"There were just so many triggers in everyday life that would set me off," one victim of a previous shooting told us.
Elizabeth Van Brocklin

The Mothers Haunted by Their Sons' Unsolved Murders

When cops can't solve homicides, families carry the weight.
Francesca Mirabile
true crime

I Was Shot Nine Times and Can Barely Make Ends Meet

I'm only 28 years old, but with all this pain, I feel like I'm 50.
Derrick Strong as told to Elizabeth Van Brocklin

Why Gun People Are High on Neil Gorsuch

An influential Second Amendment lawyer expects Trump's Supreme Court pick to expand Constitutional protections to guns in public spaces.
Mike Spies

My Son Was Murdered by Right-Wing Extremists

As a former police chief and father, I wish the US Government would put more effort into stopping homegrown terrorism—not less, as the Trump administration is hinting.
Bob Paudert as told to Alex Yablon
gun control

Ohio Is Dramatically Rolling Back Gun Regulations

Since taking office in 2011, Governor John Kasich has not vetoed a single pro-gun law in his state legislature.
Mike Spies

How Did the 'Pizzagate' Shooter Get Guns with a Criminal Record?

He doesn't appear to be what the feds consider a "prohibited purchaser"—a.k.a. a person flagged in the federal background check system—despite a history of drug crimes and drunk driving
Alex Yablon

How Trump Could Make It Way Easier to Carry a Gun Across America

States that impose tough rules for concealed carry could be undermined by the loose standards in places like Utah under President Trump.
Alex Yablon

Gun Violence Researchers Actually Got Some Federal Funding

The new cash is encouraging, but still just a drop in the bucket compared to the federal money spent researching diseases like HIV and obesity, experts say.
Allison Manning