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Behold the Glorious First Images of the Studio Ghibli Theme Park

Your chance to be inside a Hayao Miyazaki film is coming soon.


Take a F*cking Insane Ride on Cool 3D World’s 360° Rollercoaster

The duo of CGI animators teamed up with Always & Forever Computer Entertainment for this rollercoaster of a 360 video.


Your Birthday Party Will Never Be as Good as Stormzy’s Birthday Party

Exclusive Adidas merch, endless burgers, and a cake the size of a small island...


Watch Theme Park's Rather Unreal Video "You Are Real"

Check out the debut video for this new London band. Who needs a budget when you've got imagination and a sense of humor?


Here's What a $500 Million Harry Potter Theme Park Looks Like

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the latest—and largest—addition to J.K. Rowling's magical empires.


North Carolina's Abandoned 'Wizard of Oz' Theme Park Will Haunt You

Don't go looking for rainbows here...


First Look at the ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Attractions

Includes a recreation of District 12 and a roller coaster resembling the Capitols high-speed trains.


The Long, Spooky History of America's Oldest Amusement-Park Witch

The annual haunt at Knott's Berry Farm is the oldest of any Halloween theme park event. The Green Witch has been there since 1973, slinking through the crowds and scaring people shitless.


The Creepy Story Behind an Abandoned Animal Theme Park

Along the old Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick stands a disturbing statue of an emaciated racehorse. Once you break inside the old amusement park behind it, things get even weirder.


Inside 'Dismaland': Channel 4 Visits Banksy’s Theme Park

Footage of Banksy's Bemusement Park takes us to the unhappiest place on Earth.


Banksy’s Biggest Artwork Ever Opens This Friday

It's a dystopian theme park featuring Damien Hirst, Pussy Riot, Run the Jewels, and more, and he’s already banned Disney lawyers from entering.


Is Banksy Building the Theme Park of Our Nightmares?

Welcome to 'Dismaland.'