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Thinkpieces And Shit

White is Purity in the Rebranding of Miley Cyrus

With her brand new single, released over the weekend, Cyrus has scrubbed herself clean of that controversial hip hop past in the most obvious way possible.
Kat Gillespie
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Why Not Even Taylor Swift Can Exist in a Political Vacuum

To stay silent, or just self-promote, is to be deafeningly noticeable at a time when global politics have turned upside-down.
Grace Medford
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A Love Letter to "Three Lions," the National Anthem of Hope and Despair

No other song has so unintentionally captured the nuanced inner-workings of the collective British psyche.
Ryan Bassil
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Stop Complaining About Streaming Services, We Live in a Music Consumer Heaven

You are living in an extraordinary time to be a music lover and listener. Cough up and enjoy it.
Gary Suarez
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Spread ‘Em, Ladies: How 90s Chairdancing Liberated the Female Crotch

The manspreading once reserved for dudes in music videos has been reclaimed over the years by female pop stars.
Kat George
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Metal's Anti-Semitism Is Boring as Hell

As casual anti-Semitism took its toll on me, I turned to aggressive music to deal with it... only to find that some talented figures in the scene had turned to the same sounds to deal with me.
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What I Learned About Spirituality and the Universe from One Direction's Cover of "Torn"

They may look and sound better than they did when they first performed the song as a group in the Judge's House in 2010, but are they happier? Are we?
Sam Wolfson
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Hey Tall People, Stand at the Back So We Can See!

There is simply no benefit to being a short person at a gig.
Ryan Bassil
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Conor Oberst: Wuss-Rock No More

People were cruel to the Bright Eyes frontman early on, but over many years and dozens of albums, he's proven his status as a legacy artist.
Dan Ozzi
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From Crazy Frog to Going Up On A Tuesday: How Memes Replaced Publicity in Pop

Music memes have evolved from the Rick Roll to traffic drivers for the most popular artists today.
Ryan Bassil
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Screw the UK Government for Thinking Tyler, the Creator Provokes "Others to Terrorist Acts"

When you consider the countless more offensive rappers who are allowed to play in the United Kingdom, It seems like this is more a cultural issue, than a hate speech issue.
Ryan Bassil
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Boys Do Cry: The Desperate Pain of Being a Music Fan in 2015

Waiting for the year's biggest albums from Kanye West, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean has been a testing experience.
Ryan Bassil