Toronto International Film Festival


Liam Neeson Has Kicked His Last Ass

The 65-year-old announced that he will no longer be using his particular set of acting skills for action films anymore.


Slamming Colour on the Canvas: A Conversation with German Piano Maestro Hauschka

Acclaimed composer Volker Bertelmann opens up about his latest project, scoring Garth Davis' film 'Lion.'


What Hollywood Often Ignores in Films About Drugs

And how one new film is trying to change that.


‘Blair Witch’ Brings the Found-Footage Genre into the Snapchat Era

With the horror film's sequel opening this weekend, we look at how 'The Blair Witch Project' revolutionised scary movies for a culture steeped in rapidly captured, real-time images.


The Best and Worst Portrayals of Women from the Toronto International Film Festival

We put TIFF films starring the likes of Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Ellen Page, and Catherine Keener (among others) to the Bechdel test.


Here Are All The Movies You Will Be Watching Later This Year

This year's TIFF lineup looks pretty dope.


We Spoke to Takashi Miike About His Bonkers Yakuza Vampire Movie

The cult Japanese director talks about his prolific output, his scuttled Tom Hardy project, and that time his mom took a bunch of her friends to see 'Ichi the Killer.'


'Closet Monster' Is a Gay Coming-of-Age Tale with a Canadian Sense of Humor

Stephen Dunn's latest film delves into decidedly heavy topics—family violence, divorce, gay bashing, and coming out—with a light touch.


Here Are the Movies We Will Be Arguing About Over the Next Six Months

The Toronto International Film Festival announced its opening slate of films, focusing heavily on movies that might make a few bucks and win some Oscars.


Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce Shares His Best Movies of 2014

Here's a list of stuff to watch instead of the Oscar bait that's being rammed down our throats.


‘Sunshine Superman’ Documents the Rise and Fall of BASE Jumping’s Creator

We talked to the filmmaker behind a new documentary tracking the life and times of the man who invented BASE jumping: Carl Boenish. The film, Sunshine Superman, makes use of Carl's giant archive of 16mm footage that he filmed with a helmet...


Cronenberg Interactive: The Filmmaker's New Retrospective Is Just As Cerebral As The Artist Himself

Displaying the helmet from Videodrome to a POD that can sense a user's personality, this exhibit is anything but ordinary.