Total Control


The Green Child Is Inspired By a UK Anarchist’s Inscrutable 1935 Novel

Listen to the long distance music collaboration of Total Control's Mikey Young and Raven Mahon of Grass Widow.
Tim Scott
New music

Hold Your Freaking ‘Best of 2017’ Lists, Total Control Have a New Album

'Laughing At The System' is about to screw up all your 'Best of the Year' lists.
Tim Scott

Aarght Records: Ten Years of Absurd and Psychotic Underground Music

The Melbourne label is celebrating ten years of releasing records from the likes of Total Control, UV Race, and NUN.
Triana Hernandez

Reckless Zine Pushes You to the Front of Australia's Punk Scene

A new photo zine captures the snarl of bands such as Power, Royal Headache, NUN, and Total Control.
Tim Scott
Music Festivals 2017

From the Underground to the Opera House Steps: 15 Years of Repressed

As Repressed Records celebrates 15 years with a special show at the Opera House, we look at what has made the store a Sydney musical icon.
Max Easton
New music

Total Control’s James Vinciguerra Steps Out With Trevor

Trevor’s new tape opens a treasure chest of uniquely programmed rhythm.
Tim Scott
New music

Terry Return With Flip-Flops, Disco Balls and More Laid Back Charm

Watch a new video starring a cardboard cowboy who we think is the band's unofficial fifth member.
Tim Scott

Listen to a Smooth Synth Track From Total Control's Mikey Young

The considerable musical talents of Mikey Young have become more considerable.
Noisey Staff

Total Control Are Back And They’re Funnier Than Ever

Ahead of their VIVID performance at Sydney's Opera House, vocalist Daniel Stewart discusses the band's new record 'Laughing At the System'.
Lachlan Kanoniuk
Noisey News

Total Control, Air and The Avalanches Lead the 2017 Vivid LIVE Lineup

The festival includes performances curated by legendary Sydney club Goodgod and record store Repressed.
Noisey Staff

The SmartGuy Records Guide To San Francisco

As the label celebrates the release of the 'Thank You, San Francisco!' compilation we asked honcho Jerry Connolly for his ‘best of’ the city.
Tim Scott
Music Video Premieres

Liberation’s New Video Is Full of Creeped Out Synth Lines and Desperation

The latest evolution of prolific West Australian David West takes inspiration from the heyday of Mute Records and is swathed in analogue and FM synths.
Noisey Staff