Sri Lanka’s Tourism Business Slumps Following April Bombings

While tourism is the country's fastest-growing source of foreign currency, the central bank has lowered the industry's growth forecast in 2019.
Meera Navlakha
4 days ago

These Storm Tourists Are Dropping Thousands of Dollars to Chase Tornadoes

“If a tornado was cheese, I wanna stick my cracker in it. It's like a weird little fetish."
Lee Doyle
Katherine Tutrone

This Bali Instagram Hotspot Is a Sham

The camera trick used at Lempuyang temple, popularly known as 'Gate of Heaven’, is more common around the world than you may think.
Ikhwan Hastanto
Dominican Republic

Why Counterfeit Booze Might Be Killing People in the Dominican Republic

Of the 10 Americans who have mysteriously died during their trips to the Dominican Republic in the last year, nine showed symptoms commonly associated with methanol poisoning.
Trone Dowd
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Dharavi Slum in Mumbai Just Beat Taj Mahal as India's Top ‘Travellers’ Choice’

Slum tourism might have sparked a global debate, but it looks like it’s winning the travel game.
Shamani Joshi
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Inside the Fight Over Jamaica’s Ganja Gold Rush

Smoking ganja is (now) legal in Jamaica. But will foreigners control the market?
Dexter Thomas

I Spent a Week Riding Absolutely Everywhere on a Segway

From tourist spots to a meeting at the office, I wanted to understand whether being on a Segway feels as ridiculous as it looks.
Marvin Xin Ku
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Komodo Island Is Closing Because People Keep Stealing its Dragons

Tourists will be banned from visiting the Indonesian island as of January 2020.
Gavin Butler
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Let This Man Build a Huge Wood Bong for the Town of Woodenbong, You Monsters

A bunch of killjoys are trying to prevent Paul Pearson from fulfilling his destiny.
River Donaghey

Tijuana’s Tourism Is Booming Even as the Homicide Rate Spikes

Over 2,300 people have been murdered in 2018 thus far, an increase from 1,647 homicides in 2017.
Alejandra Sánchez Inzunza
José Luis Pardo Veiras

Tattooed Tribeswomen and the Problem of Photo Tourism in Myanmar

For the Chin women of western Myanmar, outer beauty starts with an inky black, fully tattooed face. But the government has banned the custom, and tourists are flooding in to document the dying tradition.
Nathan A. Thompson
Australia Today

That Island Where a Missionary Was Killed Is Getting Rave Reviews on Google

"A really nice place to visit for all the family... to be cooked and eaten for dinner."
Gavin Butler