Toxic Masculinity


'Joker' Is a Terrifyingly Realistic Window Into White Terrorism

We need to reckon with how closely Todd Phillips's villain mirrors real-life mass shooters, and the poisonous ideologies they subscribe to.


Men Don’t Recycle Because They Don’t Want People Thinking They're Gay, Study Finds

Some men view environmentalism as 'feminine', apparently, and avoid certain behaviours because of that.


'Dark Side of the Ring' Shows the Human Side of Pro Wrestling's Most Dangerous Era

The new VICELAND series investigates the time when what happened in the ring bled into real life drama.


Former Bro Film King Jonah Hill Wants to Fight Toxic Masculinity

He hopes the fans that loved him in 'Superbad' will watch him shed light on the ugly side of what binds bros together.


Che Lingo’s Upcoming Rap EP Confronts Dry Relics of Masculinity

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Director Terence Nance told us about his plans for the upcoming sequel starring LeBron James.


Is It Safe Yet to Admit I Liked the Twilight Movies?

10 years later, as a straight dude, I’m making the confession I should have made way earlier.


Men Are Embarrassed to Order Vegetarian Food, British Study Finds

"Cultural expectations run deep, and we often view men as the butchers and the barbecuers."


Two New Skate Films Are Subverting Gender Norms

The girls of 'Skate Kitchen' and boys of 'Minding the Gap' both get to be brave and vulnerable, cocky and complex.


It Might Be Time to Retire the Buzz Phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Ahead of the release of her new book ‘I’m Afraid of Men’ author Vivek Shraya reflects on masculinity myths.


Swedish law now defines rape as sex without consent

Sweden will join nine other European countries and introduce a new gender based violence law which will define rape as sex without consent


Someone Threw a Beer at Shannon Noll And He Went Nuclear

Fans have praised his “true Aussie way to respond.”