Toxic Masculinity


Men Are Embarrassed to Order Vegetarian Food, British Study Finds

"Cultural expectations run deep, and we often view men as the butchers and the barbecuers."
Lauren Rothman

Two New Skate Films Are Subverting Gender Norms

The girls of 'Skate Kitchen' and boys of 'Minding the Gap' both get to be brave and vulnerable, cocky and complex.
Eileen G'Sell

It Might Be Time to Retire the Buzz Phrase ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Ahead of the release of her new book ‘I’m Afraid of Men’ author Vivek Shraya reflects on masculinity myths.
Alison Sinkewicz
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Swedish law now defines rape as sex without consent

Sweden will join nine other European countries and introduce a new gender based violence law which will define rape as sex without consent
Hind Hassan
Stacey Naggiar
Australia Today

Someone Threw a Beer at Shannon Noll And He Went Nuclear

Fans have praised his “true Aussie way to respond.”
Wendy Syfret

Toxic Masculinity Is at the Heart of This Darkness

The two biggest massacres in the last 40 years of Canadian history have been explicitly linked to misogyny.
Drew Brown

How the Far Right Feeds on Male Insecurity

A new book explores the strange ways young men get sucked into toxic ideologies like the alt right. But according to the author, "Many of the guys who get out quietly slip back into society."
Allie Conti

Guys Tell Us About Their Struggles With Toxic Masculinity

"If I was ever upset around my dad there was no way he was going to let me openly cry about something."
Laura Bell
drink driving

Perth's Isolation and Urban Sprawl Have Created a Drink-Driving Nightmare

We need to talk about Western Australia, where drink driving is still the reason behind 32% of road deaths.
VICE Staff

I Did Every Clichéd Manly Activity to See if it'd Boost My Testosterone

I ate raw eggs, shot a gun, and got tattooed in my quest to figure out if machismo is bullshit.
Justin Caffier

A Eulogy for Spike TV and Its Godawful Internal Manifesto

The broiest network to ever grace our cable boxes is dead. The absurd, hyper-masculine brand manifesto they created in 2006 will live forever.
Justin Caffier
reality tv

Could ‘The Bachelorette’ Wake Australia Up to Toxic Masculinity?

It's the strangest examination of Australian masculinity since Germaine Greer encouraged us to “humanise the penis.”
Wendy Syfret