Australia Today

Inside the Construction Industry’s Substance Abuse Problem

A rehab centre in Sydney's inner west is helping tradies come to terms with mental health and addiction.
Gavin Butler

Kim Jong Un Rolled Into Beijing With Some Brand-New Swagger

He just got some big concessions from the U.S. for a vague promise to denuclearize.
David Gilbert
Australia Today

Australia and Canada Are in a Wine War

Australia isn't happy about Canada's restrictive alcohol laws, so they're heading to the World Trade Organisation.
Liam Armstrong

The Museum of Capitalism Exposes the Cost of Our Collective Greed

Turns out we take a lot of terrible things for granted.
Nastia Voynovskaya
Venice Biennale

You'll Never Hear "We Are the World" the Same Way

'Songs for Disaster Relief' takes aim at self-righteous charity singles.
Andrew Nunes
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump's Latest Order Could Make It Harder to Hire Foreign Workers

It asks federal agencies to review existing rules in an effort to push companies to pursue a "Buy American, Hire American" approach.
Drew Schwartz
What If

What Would Happen in the Hours and Minutes After a US-China War Started?

No one in their right mind wants the US and China to go to war, but let's face it: They could. Here's what the first day would look like.
Mike Pearl
Europe: The Final Countdown

How the UK Shifted From a Soft to Hard Brexit

Before the referendum it seemed like they would keep all the nice bits of the EU; now they're heading for a Brexit that's hard as nails. What's been going on?
Gavin Haynes

The Battles the Republican Congress Will Have Against Itself, and Trump, in 2017

Republicans control both parts of Congress and the White House, but that doesn't mean their time in power will be easy.
Harry Cheadle

TPP Is Dead, but It Was Never Going to Be That Big a Deal

One of Donald Trump's favorite punching bags, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is as good as killed. So what was it, anyway?
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
Donald Trump

Triple Bogey Diplomacy: How Australia and New Zealand Might Use Golf in the Age of Trump

Famed golfers Greg Norman and Sir Bob Charles could well be Australasia's diplomatic envoys to Trump's White House.
Ben Stanley

What Would Actually Happen if California Seceded from America?

After #Calexit became a prominent hashtag, I asked some experts what would happen if a post-Trump fantasy became reality.
Mike Pearl