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The Sri Lankan Government is Advertising Job Positions for Hangmen

The President seeks executioners with "excellent moral character" as the country prepares to reintroduce the death penalty.
Gavin Butler
3 days ago

How Brexit Will Shape Britain's Drug Supply

Will leaving the EU stop drugs making it into the UK? Well, no – and this is why.
Mike Power

Bricks of Pure Cocaine Keep Washing Up on the Beach in Fiji

More than 100 packages have appeared throughout the Fijian islands in the past three months.
Gavin Butler

One Year on, the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh Has a New Problem

Dangers of drug addiction and early marriage among adolescents testify to a grim future of the community.
All photographs by Anisur Rahman.
Naimul Karim

What It’s Like to Be a Big-Time Female Weed Trafficker

"I am Queen C; I am this badass bitch. But I do have this secret."
Manisha Krishnan
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An Animal Smuggler Tried to Disguise Deadly Cobras as Potato Chips

After seizing the killer snakes, the cops found a small zoo's worth of protected reptiles stashed in the guy's apartment.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Deadly Russian Gangsters Smuggled Insane Amounts of Chocolate

The FBI arrested 23 suspected Shulaya Enterprise members for a "dizzying array of criminal schemes," including extortion and contract killing.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Two Guys in the US Just Got Indicted for Eel Trafficking

That's an actual federal crime.
Drew Schwartz

How Drugs Will Get Under, Over, and Around Trump's Wall

A wall may be a powerful symbol, but it won't be a useful tool in the war on drugs.
Mike Pearl

From the Mountains to the Mailbox: I Spent a Weekend with a Deep Web Drug Dealer

And watched firsthand how an online drug empire is run.
Jake Hanrahan

What It's Like to Be a Rohingya Child Bride

When Rashidah was 12, a mob of hardline Buddhists set fire to her Rohingya village. The girl was subsequently sold into slavery and raped by human traffickers. Her only way out of that life was getting married to a man many years her senior.
Jonathan Vit

Human Trafficking Prevention Month Is Over, But Now What?

Modern-day slavery is still the third largest international crime industry. We spoke to three organizations fighting trafficking about what we can do to help eradicate it.
Tammy Danan