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Do Your Bit for Nightlife and Take Part in this Year's Global Drugs Survey

Now in its sixth year, the GDS is the world’s largest online survey about drugs and drug use.
Angus Harrison
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London-Based Producer Dark0 Signs to XL, Debuts Beguiling New Track "Forever"

This is music for now. Music to feel lonely to. Music to be scared to.​
Angus Harrison
Pokemon Go

This Age-Old Music Composition Trick Might Be the Real Reason You're So Obsessed With Pokémon Go

Thanks Mozart.
Algodón Egipcio
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Theo Parrish Criticises Dance Music Community's Response to Recent Police Brutality

"You better learn to listen with your body, you better play from your heart. It was a preference before, now it's essential.​"
Angus Harrison
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Adult Swim's Perfectly Pitched 'Lord of the Synth' Parodies Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Wendy Carlos

Watch as Morgio Zoroger, Carla Wendos and Xangelix save the world with their synthesizers.
Angus Harrison
Uk Funky

Ever Wondered What Chopped and Screwed UK Funky Might Sound Like?

Trax Couture boss Rushmore's given everyone's favourite genre the 100BPM treatment.
Josh Baines
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Watch 'Snookerstar DJ,' a Short Documentary About Steve Davis' Unlikely Career as a Techno DJ

The snooker champion also chats to Holly Herndon about his rear of the year victory in 1985.
Angus Harrison
Dean Blunt

Here's What Happens if You Call the Number Dean Blunt Gives Out on the New Babyfather Album

Turns out DJ Escrow is a confused waiter from Chepstow.
Lewis Moulds
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Does 'I Took a Pill in Ibiza' Actually Sound like Taking a Pill in Ibiza?

THUMP: answering life's toughest questions.
Josh Baines
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New Study Confirms Old White Men Were Right: Things Were Better Back in the Day

Endurance and exercise tests carried out on a group aged 16 through 25 also confirmed that nobody knows how to go in anymore.
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You Can Control the New Novation Launchpad From Your Browser

Now you can finally make some chill-trap on your lunch break.
Angus Harrison
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'Peep Show's Super Hans Has Announced Plans to Start DJing This Summer

Featuring a bass loop that is so good, when you try turning it off you literally can't do it.
Angus Harrison