Australia Today

Police Fear Giving the Flu to the Tribe that Killed an American Missionary

It's illegal to make contact with the Sentinelese people, who "are not immune to anything."
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

An Untouched Tribe Killed the Missionary Trying to Convert Them

A young American tourist kayaked to North Sentinel Island to deliver the word of God. Days later he was lying dead on the beach.
Gavin Butler
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A River in New Zealand Now Has the Same Rights as a Living Human Being

The court ruled in favor of the local Whanganui tribe, which has been fighting for the country to recognize the river as its ancestor for over 100 years.
Brian Moylan

Theophilus London Gives Interview of a Lifetime, Shares "Tribe" Remix

"My label was just hyped about Kanye West being the Executive Producer of 'Vibes,' and that's why they wanted to put the album out."
Drew Millard

I Got Caught Up in Tribal Warfare in Papua New Guinea

The hills I lived in have seen countless battles over the last few thousand years. With weapons made of stone and wood, victory relied on skill, but didn't always result in the death of the enemy. Assault rifles will change everything.
Sam Nallen Copley

This Tribe Wants to Kick Rich People Out of the Hamptons

After European settlers stole their land, the Shinnecock Nation was impoverished. Now they want it back—and the Wall Street bankers gone.
Justin Doolittle

Brazil Wants to Tear Down an Indigenous Museum to Put Up a Parking Lot

The Brazilian government wants to destroy the Museum of Indian Culture in Rio de Janeiro to build a parking lot for the new World Cup stadium that sits next door.
Nicole Froio

An Interview with a Member of a Human Safari Tribe

Tourists threaten the existence of the Andaman Islands' Jarawa natives.
Oscar Rickett

Mad Backrubs at the Hotey

Inside one man's heady Craigslist quest to score a date with MDMA, a jam scene pixie, and the bro-crunch stylings of Sound Tribe Sector 9.
Brian Anderson