'Volcano of Anger': What You Need to Know About the Escalating Crisis in Libya

The government action will “purge all Libyan cities of aggressor and illegitimate forces,” said Colonel Mohamed Gnounou
David Gilbert
Australia Today

A Sydney Charity Recruited a 19-Year-Old For ISIS

The teen was apprehended while trying to enter Syria and has been held in a Lebanon jail for nine months.
VICE Staff

A Choice Between Warlords: Lebanon Can’t Elect a New President

The political wheels in Beirut may be beginning to fall off as the country's two dominant political coalitions are bitterly divided as to who should become Lebanon's new president. The situation is becoming a political proxy war of the neighboring...
Martin Armstrong

Warlords of Tripoli

With rule of law no longer in effect in Tripoli, warlords like Sunni commander Ziad Allouki are now the city's de facto rulers. VICE News hung out with him and his fighters for a week to discover why they're fighting and if the country really is on the...
Aris Roussinos

Fighting in Syria Is Inching Lebanon Closer to Civil War

As world leaders meet at the Geneva II conference to discuss the conflict in Syria, violence there is bleeding over its borders into neighboring Lebanon. Now, after multiple bombings in Tripoli, Lebanon may be headed toward the brink.
Robert King

"Tripoli Is Crying": Lebanon's Second City Is On the Brink of Battle

Conflicts between those who support Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and those who back the rebels in Syria are always on the verge of breaking out, and tensions are particularly high in the aftermath of an August terrorist attack.
Martin Armstrong

Meet the Libyan Militia Detaining Migrants in a Zoo

Said Ben Suleiman's brigade—and some lions, camels, and spider monkeys—are on the frontline of Europe's immigration crisis. They run a holding cell in one of the zoo’s empty offices and make frequent raids on boatloads of migrants setting off from...
Wil Crisp

Libya Is Getting Better and Better for Teenage Arms Dealers

Clashes have broken out in Libya between militias as they clamor for power. A metaphor for Libya's infatuation with violence can be found in the changing of the wares for sale on Tripoli's Al Rashid Street. Innocuous fireworks have been replaced by...
Wil Crisp

A Syrian Proxy War Is Being Fought in Tripoli

Clashes between Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen are nothing new, yet they have started clashing more regularly since the the uprising in neighboring Syria. This has only served to fuel speculation that what's going on in Tripoli is not just linked to...
Stefan Simanowitz

Lebanon's Sunni Child Soldiers

Child soldiers have long been a problem in Lebanon. During the civil war that ravaged the country for nearly 15 years, many kids were practically born with machine guns in their hands. But the conflict in Syria has caused the security situation in the...
Sulome Anderson

Back Behind Bars with Gaddafi's Would-Be Assassin

Twenty-six years ago, Azeddine Madani would have done anything to escape his cell in Tripoli's notorious Abu Salim prison, but right now he’s wrangling with armed guards in an effort to get back in. We’re here to attend a tribute to Abu Salim’s former...
Wil Crisp

People in Lebanon Are Killing Each Other Over Syria

He said he saw the situation getting worse: “We have many injuries, many deaths and many bleeding wounds; 15 dead this month and 100 injuries. The fighters are young and don’t know why they're fighting. They see it as self-protection. They each see it...
Oz Katerji, Photos: Alex Potter