• The Ketamine Secrets of ‘Ecco the Dolphin’

    The unlikely connection between a drug-addicted scientist and a cute video game character.

  • The Kentucky Derby... On Acid!

    We could barely catch a glimpse of the horses as they pounded past on the wet earth. She had this terrifyingly blank look on her face, and she said, “The ground was shaking underneath me... so this little courtyard here suddenly became the ocean, and I...

  • Shiva’s Wedding

    We’d been in India for a month, and it looked like the wedding wasn't going to happen. The last two times I’d been married my brides had been enthusiastic—they were insistent, even. Now I was getting married for a third time to a woman who didn’t want...

  • "A Giant Chinese Finger Trap Made Of Rainbows..." - Part 1

    I have spent the last year of my life on an exhausting psychedelic journey.