Alex Bartsch Reshoots Classic London Reggae Albums in Their Original Locations

Armed with a camera, a record bag and Google Maps, he recreates some London reggae history.


Someone Finally Made a Condom for Your Gigantic Penis

I talked to a representative from the UK company TheyFit about problems well-endowed men have with condoms and why the US lags behind Europe in providing jimmy hats for girthy dudes.


Bad Vibes at the Trojan Sex Toy Giveaway

On Wednesday, Trojan planned to pass out thousands of vibrators to sexually liberated men and women throughout New York City. Hot dog pushcarts were loaded with Trojan’s Tri-Phoria and Pulse models, to be distributed to passersby until the stock ran...


How Do You Vibe?

Dozens of people (even super old people!) stood in the middle of the street to wait for a free sex toy, yet they were unwilling to answer our simple little question of the day: How do you vibe?