We Went to a Rave in the Ruins of Chernobyl

A group of Ukrainian artists are reclaiming the Exclusion Zone
Tom Seymour
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This Fugitive Allegedly Faked His Own Death to Chill in a $3.4 Million Castle

A clear lesson in what not to do after faking your own death.
Drew Schwartz
The Power and Privilege Issue

Ukraine's Lost Generation

Sucked into the trauma and labor of an ongoing war, Ukraine’s Millennials face uncertain prospects in a country rife with Soviet-era boomer corruption, an uneven economy, and a lack of job opportunities.
Ben Makuch
Views My Own

Why Is the West Ignoring the War in Ukraine?

The war is active and people are dying. Most people just don’t care about it for a cocktail of both bigoted and ignorant reasons.
Ben Makuch
Internet Insecurity

Someone Has Infected at Least 500,000 Routers All Over The World And No One Knows Why

But Ukraine’s government says it thinks that Russia will use “VPNFilter” to attack Saturday’s Champions League final.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Ripped, Reassembled Photos of Closeted Gay Men in Ukraine

Kiev-based photographer Anton Shebetko destroys and reconstructs his photographs to obscure the faces of his subjects.
Anton Shebetko
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The FBI Has Raided Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort's Home

The feds stormed Paul Manafort's home late last month, adding even more indication that the Russia investigation is just heating up.
Drew Schwartz
felt zine

A Net Artist Pokes Fun at Skincare Ads With Distorted Self Portraits

The 33rd issue of FELT Zine features collage works by Ukrainian artist Sofia Vet a.k.a. Pakhlavamedovaya.
Nathaniel Ainley

Decapitating Lenin Statues Is the Hottest New Trend in Ukraine

Surreal photos of monuments to the Communist leader in overgrown fields, supply closets, and hatchbacks.
Kim Kelly
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Ukraine Bans Steven Seagal as ‘National Security Risk’

Most would think the ban stems from the action star’s super-sweet karate chops but nope, it seemingly comes from his friendship with Vladimir Putin.
Mack Lamoureux

Remembering Vladimir Rodionovich Klitschko; Father To Champions and Casualty Of Chernobyl

While the Klitschko brothers are household names, far fewer people know about the exploits of their father.
Will Magee

This Animation Explaining Why We Itch Will Make You Seriously Itchy

Is it an evolutionary thing, or is it simply there to annoy us?
Nathaniel Ainley