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These Engineering Students Built a Special Pen Just for Cheating on Tests

"We didn't really need to cheat, because we already had 3.9 GPAs."
15 hours ago
sex work

Student Sex Workers Reveal the Problems They Face at Uni

A growing number of students in the UK are turning to sex work to support themselves financially, but universities still haven't learned how to support sex workers.
Jake Hall

The Eight Checkpoints of a Student Night Out in 2019

We've been called less hedonistic than previous generations, but we still enjoy the process of making ourselves too hungover to go to any lectures.
Iona Erskine

What it’s Like Writing Fake Essays for Wealthy International Students

College admissions fraud is a global industry. Just ask these “tutors.”
Stephen K Hirst
Universities Challenged

It Doesn't Matter That Your Arts Degree Won't Get You a Job

A Tory think-tank is complaining that some degrees aren't value for money. Here's why they're wrong.
Tom Whyman

The Tragic Story of the British Student Who Died During a Uni Initiation Ritual

Ed Farmer's untimely death after a pub crawl is not the first time a student has died after some kind of college induction.
Kevin EG Perry
Social Media

Watch These Students Jump off Roofs for Instagram Glory

For one elite university roof jumping is trending hard.
Sarah Berman

The Real Story of Why You Have a Cracked HECS Debt

We know you want to get rid of your debt, but do you ever wonder why you have it in the first place?
Sam Nichols

What It's Like Being a Child Genius at University

Bastian Eichenberger was 14 when he enrolled, Vittorio Hösle was 17. They were child prodigies, but looking back, was going to uni at such a young age a good idea?
Baran Datli
Australia Today

Melbourne Student Takes Uni to Court After Failing Assignment

The 23-year-old has already tried getting his results overturned by the Human Rights Commission and Malcolm Turnbull.
Gavin Butler

The Dos and Donts of Being in a Uni Relationship

A handy guide for coupled-up freshers.
Emma Garland
university guide 2018

What it's Like to Be the First Person in Your Family to Go to University

Navigating university becomes a lot more complicated when you can’t rely on your family to show you how.
Bo Hanna