4 days ago

JUUL Just Abandoned a Bunch of Its Own Products

On Thursday, the powerhouse announced—yet again—that it was scaling back amid a national panic. Here's what it means for you.


JUUL Is Facing a New Lawsuit from a Dead Teen's Mother

"We anticipated this being the next big thing," one lawyer on the case said.


Why People Are Dying from Vaping in the U.S. and Not the U.K.

There's a reason—actually, a few—and none of them are very flattering to American politicians.


Get Ready for JUUL's Grassroots Rebrand

"It sounds like JUUL just outsourced reaching out to their actual, adult customers to see if they'd be willing to advocate."


Wanna Quit Vaping? There's An App For That

A new program in Washington treats quitting vaping like its own problem.


The Vaping Crisis Has a New Villain: ‘Dank Vapes’

The shadowy brand has been linked to a rash of vaping-related lung illnesses in America's Midwest.


No One Knows What Vape Juice Actually Is

Vaping is believed to have caused more than 800 illnesses, regulatory bodies are freaking out, and yet...?


JUUL Finally Admits That It's Just Another Drug

By dropping its "Make the Switch" slogan, the company pivots away from framing itself as an anti-smoking aid.


Juulers Are Asking One Another How to Quit

The r/juul subreddit is having an identity crisis.


How to Quit Vaping

If you want to stop without turning to cigarettes, here are methods for getting off nicotine altogether.


A 40-year-old Californian is 7th Person to Die from a Vaping Illness

Tulare County, located south of Fresno, said it has seen at least three vaping-related illnesses


Vape Pods Taste Minty Thanks to Extremely High Levels of a Chemical Banned in Food

The FDA regulates the chemical, called pulegone, in food, but not in e-cigs—so it's unclear which brands contain it.