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We Talked 'Lords of Chaos' with Wilson Gonzalez and Extreme Metal Legend Nergal

Genre veteran and Behemoth frontman Nergal watched the Norwegian black metal drama unfold as a teen, while German actor Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht plays the accomplice of Euronymous' murderer in the Mayhem biopic. Here's how their meeting went.
Ruby Morrigan
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Playful Nazi Varg Vikernes Announces Tour with Mayhem, Ruins April Fools Day

The "Mystic Fantasy" tour will (not) feature Darkthrone's Fenriz on drums and features a very, uh, special discount code.
Noisey Staff
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Metal's Anti-Semitism Is Boring as Hell

As casual anti-Semitism took its toll on me, I turned to aggressive music to deal with it... only to find that some talented figures in the scene had turned to the same sounds to deal with me.
Holy Shit

Love Advice From Everyone's Favorite Racist Black Metal Murderer, Varg Vikernes!

Love advice that is somehow worse than "fuck her right in the pussy."
John Hill

Happy 20th Birthday to Darkthrone’s Controversial Black Metal Masterpiece, Transilvanian Hunger

Parsing The Album's Complicated Legacy
Jon Wiederhorn

Role Playing, Camping Trips, and Films About Bears: Inside the Wild World of Varg Vikernes

I got my first email from Varg Vikernes in 2010. I’d approached him with a plan to travel to Norway and spend a few days with him for a documentary about his new life post-prison. I was surprised with the speed at which he replied to my request, and found
Andy Capper