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Vic Mensa Says He Rejects Abusive Rappers, Defends XXXTentacion Call-Out

Mensa has taken to social media to defend the anti-abuse comments he made in his BET Awards freestyle.
Shaad D’Souza
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Nile Rodgers and Chic's "Till the World Falls" Is a Disco Song with Vic Mensa

Mura Masa and Cosha also feature on the track, and Anderson .Paak had a hand in the writing process. It's the first proper single from 'It's About Time,' Chic's first album in 26 years.
Alex Robert Ross
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Read Vic Mensa’s Powerful Essay on Palestine and American Racism

"The parallels between the black American experience and the Palestinian experience are overwhelming," the rapper writes at Time.
Alex Robert Ross
Instagram Report

What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 11/6

Artists are just now sharing their "look how cool I am" Halloween outfits so don't blame us.
Kathy Iandoli
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Old Video of Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and Savemoney Is the Most Fun You'll Have Today

Donnie Trumpet predicts the future, Chance pretends he’s being modest, and Towkio is still called “Preston.”
Alex Robert Ross
festivals 2016

Lollapalooza's Chicago Performers Proved Just How Vital the City's Music Is Right Now

Vic Mensa, Towkio, Joey Purp, Saba, Smino, and other Chicago artists connected the city's various threads and offered a strong argument that it has the most exciting rap scene anywhere.
Britt Julious
festivals 2016

Neon Shoes and Nuggets Jerseys: Scenes of Lollapalooza 2016, Day Three

Red Hot Chili Peppers , Vic Mensa, and Jane's Addiction topped the bill, oddly attired people made it special.
VICE Staff
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Jesus Wept: Kanye West Shares Tearful Video for "Wolves"

Is it in CDQ, though?
Jabbari Weekes
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here's Vic Mensa and Joey Purp Completely Going Off on 'Sway in the Morning'

Also starring Vic's friend Mitch, who he met on a plane.
Phil Witmer
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, Clams Casino, and Growing Up: Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

The Dean taps into Chicago's vibrant new music scene, and sees if ClammyClams has still got it.
Robert Christgau
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Good News, People! Towkio's New EP 'Community Service 2' Is Here Now

SaveMoney's utility man gets the job done, featuring a little help from Joey Purp, Vic Mensa, Smoko Ono, and others.
Kyle Kramer
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Vic Mensa Releases LGBT Tribute Track "Free Love" Featuring Lil' B, Halsey, Malik Yusef and Leif

"Free love is not a luxury."
John Hill