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Here It Is, the Extremely Bonkers Musical Number That Got Cut from 'Vice'

It's just as bizarre as you'd expect.
River Donaghey
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Here are Some of the Best VICE Documentaries and TV Shows

The best VICE documentaries – TV shows, standalone films, that Fyre Festival one – and how to watch them.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Christian Bale's 'Satan' Comment Started an Unhinged Feud Online

People are riled up about the 'Vice' star's quip during his Golden Globe acceptance speech.
Beckett Mufson

Christian Bale Is a Chill Dude

On gaining weight for VICE, performance capture in Mowgli, and actor chatter.
Parthshri Arora
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Christian Bale Has Fully Morphed into Dick Cheney in the New Trailer for 'Vice'

He's almost unrecognisable.
River Donaghey
hot heads

Searching For The Hottest Food On Earth, In India

Karina Utomo returns in our newest episode of Hot Heads to test herself against the best in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
VICE Staff

People Told Us About the Worst Dirty Talk They've Ever Heard

Turns out calling someone’s dick a “baked potato” is a boner killer.
Richard Greenhill

Confessions of a Dumbass Dad Who Broke His Teeth Trying to Impress His Son

Or how I learned to accept my limitations instead of trying to be the cool dad.
Greg Thomas
american conventions

Skunks Make Great Pets, According to the Founder of Skunk Fest

Read our interview with a skunk enthusiast and watch our documentary on Skunk Fest.
Brittany Joyce

Memo To White Dudes: Stop Asking Black Men With Dreads For Drugs

"People probably assume that I’m a drug dealer before a professor."
Manisha Krishnan
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We Just Found Out Our Communications Guy Is Also a Pro Wrestler

By day, he goes by Ian Fried. But at night, you can call him Orion Dove.
VICE Staff
creep catchers

A Vigilante Pedophile Hunter is Being Sued For Defamation

The plaintiff alleges that the actions of the president of the Surrey Creep Catcher chapter resulted in him being “subjected to ridicule, hatred and contempt.”
Mack Lamoureux