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Watch: The Invincible 'Super Rats' Genetically Resistant to Poison

VICE Japan met up with a handful of experts studying super rats—genetically mutated rodents humans can't seem to kill.


The Teen Trying to Keep Japan's Insane 'Dekochari' Bike Culture Alive

Over-the-top bikes like these are nearly extinct in Japan.


Scenes from a Japanese Drag Queen Rap Battle

Where Tokyo's finest queens spit dirty jokes to an enthralled crowd.


Watch DJ Krush's Stunning Sunrise Performance at Tokyo's Zōjō-ji​ Temple

He arrived hours beforehand to make sure the acoustics for the performance were perfectly tuned.


Nazar's New Video Bravely Protests the Angolan Mount Sumi Massacre

The artist has shared an extended essay explaining the work's intentions.


Life Inside Japan's Aging Biker Gangs

VICE Japan followed some of the country's most infamous bikers to hear about their violent pasts and dying subculture.


Taking Down Tokyo's Corrupt Diamond Syndicate

VICE Japan follows Kyoji Sasaki on his mission to revolutionize an industry dominated by corrupt middlemen.


The Philippines' Cemetery Slums

VICE Japan visited a massive slum on the outskirts of Manila where an estimated 6,000 people currently live and work amid graves and human bones.


The Sacred Art of the Japanese Tattoo

We sat down with legendary tattoo artist Horiyoshi the Third as he explained his work and the philosophies behind it.


The Yakuza's Ties to the Japanese Right Wing

VICE Japan talked to Masaya Kudo, a Japanese right-wing activist, about his philosophies and concerns about the movement's ties to organized crime.


Watch This Japanese YouTube Superstar Feast on Salamanders and Hot Peppers

VICE Japan caught up with online sensation Megwin and treated him to feast of culinary delights.


Alone in the Zone

Four years since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went into full meltdown and the resulting 12-mile evacuation zone was enforced, one farmer still remains—braving high levels of radiation and loneliness to tend to abandoned animals.