video art


Anarchic Video Art Group Show Exposes the Pure Chaos of 2017

'COMM ALT SHIFT' brings together over a dozen video artists each confronting a different issue within contemporary society.


Two Words: Qatari Falconry. Two More Words: F*cking Surreal.

In ‘The Challenge,’ Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani shows how Western notions of power inspire Qatari falconers.


[NSFW] Nude Performance Artist Planks in Philosophical Self-Portraits

Chiara Mazzocchi’s nude artworks are anything but personal.


Watch a Circle of Emoji Cops Beat Up a Smartphone in This Glitch Art Series

In the 40th issue of FELT Zine, VCRs live on through the retro glitch art of Thomas McMahan.


'Teen Wolf' Meets Biker Bar in a Surreal Hesher Paradise

“Grand Ole Opera” is a Lynchian dreamscape filled with empty trailers, neon lights, and suicidal werewolves.


[Premiere] Yes, Art Can Be Funny and Serious at the Same Time

Meriem Bennani offers a glimpse into her playful, internet-driven practice in a new documentary short by Art21.


CGI Wizardry and Paint Make This Trippy Music Video

Davy Evans directs a moody music video for XamVolo.


[Premiere] Let a Dancing Baby Creep You Out in This Surreal Music Video

Artist Claudia Maté imagines an uncanny dreamscape featuring a gorilla-faced baby in dungarees for Goss’ song “Soo Bad.”


Endangered Animal Species Get Projection-Mapped Onto Mexico City’s Trees

To raise awareness about habitat destruction, motion graphics studio Maizz Visual projected animated animal heads onto trees at Mexico City’s Parque España.


A Powerful Piece of the Venice Biennale Comes to Brooklyn

Mohau Modisakeng’s “Passages” is on view in the South African Pavilion and at We Buy Gold in New York City.


A Video Synth Pioneer Dusts Off Her Groundbreaking Audiovisuals

Denise Gallant is playing her early analogue video synthesizer at Coaxial Arts in LA.


A Fearless Street Artist Carves on Walls with Explosives, Drills, and Acid

Vhils, a.k.a. Alexandre Farto, debuts new work in Macau.