Vortexes We Like Better Than the Polar Vortex | GIF Six-Pack

These vortexes don't make your skin hurt.


Light Installation Creates Dizzying Dynamic Dimensions

Hc Gilje's 'In Transit X' takes viewers inside a man-made space of block-like frames and beams of light.


1024 Architecture's New Light Sculpture is Truly Illuminating

Using high-tech and low-tech materials, 1024 Architecture's 'VORTEX' uses light and generative sculpture to compose a stunning Q-hour meter in the Darwin Ecosystem Project's green building in Bordeaux, France.


Techno Snowflakes, Glowing Vortexes, And Computer Viruses Visualized Through Light Painting

Tim Gamble's swirling light art is all created in-camera, or, as he calls it, "straight out of the box."


Hypnotic GIF Vortexes Pull You Into Everyday Objects

Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski's endlessly repeating ears and flowers are like a mesmerizing pixel purgatory.


The Abyss Also Gazes Into You With The "Onion Skin" Light Vortex

Time becomes a precarious dimension with "Onion Skin" and 14 minutes can feel like an eternity, or two.


United Visual Artists Take Op-Art For A Spin

The lighting-focused art and design collective reinvent a VANDEYK bike wheel.