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Pauline Hanson Says Dole Recipients Should Get to Work Killing Cane Toads

Hanson's collect-a-toad campaign would see people on welfare being paid 10 cents for every specimen.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Centrelink is Trying to Improve Its Customer Service

Human Services are hiring 1, 000 extra phone operators, so you can be on hold for one hour instead of three.
Katherine Gillespie
Australia Today

'Work for the Dole' Scheme Threatened to Cut 15,000 People off Centrelink

Essentially, the program made participants work for $12 an hour.
Millie Roberts
Australia Today

Tony Abbott Tried to Ban People Under 30 From Receiving Centrelink

New documents reveal the former Prime Minister wanted to ban all young people from welfare services back in 2014.
Katherine Gillespie
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Centrelink Recipients Won't Be Drug Tested After All

The government has abandoned its controversial plan after failing to impress the Senate.
Katherine Gillespie
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Pauline Hanson Is Calling for an 'Australian Identity Card' Again

Is it possible she doesn't know about passports and birth certificates?
Issy Beech

The Real Reason the Government Drug Tested Your Sewage

In certain parts of Australia, data on drug usage is to be leveraged against the poor.
VICE Staff
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Labor To Block the Controversial Welfare Drug Testing Scheme

Experts say the Government's plan to drug test young people on Centrelink will be ineffective, and expensive.
Katherine Gillespie
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The Bill to Drug Test 5,000 Young People Hits Parliament Today

Ignoring the backlash, the Government is pushing ahead with its scheme to test Newstart and Youth Allowance recipients.
Katherine Gillespie

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Bomb threat on Melbourne flight, new details on welfare drug testing scheme, Nas brands Trump a racist.
VICE Staff
Budget 2017

Everyone Thinks Drug Testing Australians on Welfare Is a Terrible Idea

It appears the Government failed to ask any drug and alcohol treatment experts whether this policy would actually work.
Maddison Connaughton

Centrelink's Debt Crisis Shows How the Government Can Abuse Big Data

"This is a political failure dressed up as an an IT failure... [Big data is] a powerful tool. How that tool is used—for good or evil—depends on how accountable the people are who wield it."
Katherine Gillespie