Ivy Sole Is the Philly Rapper Who Wants You to Forgive Yourself

The Charlotte-born, Philly-based rapper is turning her growing pains into poetry on her debut album ‘Overgrown.’


The Only Way Britain Can Process Kanye West Is Via e-Petitions

Kanye West is too American for Brits to deal with. The only way they can cope is through petitions.


A Cowboy Purchases Some New Boots

In this comic by Tyler Boss, a cowboy goes in search of milk at the behest of a face that appears in his hand.


My Parents Had Me Abducted and Sent to a Mormon Treatment Center

"At around two or three in the morning, two guys burst in the front door and held me down. I tried fighting back but they were both twice my size. They told me they were from West Ridge Academy and that they now had legal guardianship over me."


Here Is What the Urban Dictionary Looks Like on Google Images

Earlier this year London-based artist Ben West designed a Google Images dictionary titled, simply, "Google." The idea behind the 1,200-plus-page book was simple: Design some software to select and save the first Google Images result for every single...


Taji’s Mahal - J'ouvert 2012

Pre-gaming the West Indian Day Parade at a J'ouvert party


Is it OK For Middle-Class Rap Fans to Drop the N-Bomb?

Skimming the queue at Watch the Throne to find out if it's "Niggas in Paris" or "[ ] in Paris".


Aboriginal Headbanging

At the beginning of 2008, the Australian national news reported on a small, isolated Aboriginal community deep in the Northern Territory, aka the middle of nowhere, aka Satan’s Asshole, aka East Bumblefuck.