What Kids Say

    • 9.6.12

      What Kids Say About Their Town

      I ricocheted between my divorced parents, both of whom were gadabout grifters, so I grew up all over this country and others. It made for a lot of social anxiety in a child, but I understood that different people do things differently, and it’s all...

    • 8.21.12

      What Kids Say - Would You Rather? (Dark Version)

      This used to be my favorite parlor game to play to try to out-torture other adults on poker night. Now I'm playing it with kids, and I started off by asking if they'd rather kill one person or cut off the arms of 35. Fun times!

    • 8.7.12

      What Kids Say - Would You Rather?

      Would You Rather was my favorite parlor game where we’d to try to out-torture each other on Poker Night. It’s a Sophie’s Choice. You had to pick one. The worst I ever got is someone made me choose Would I Rather have sex with Michael Jackson or my...

    • 7.24.12

      What Kids Say About Souls

      "Mine looks sort of like me—my size and shape—but blue and clear and it smells like radishes."

    • 7.10.12

      What Kids Say About Death

      "I would like to die in the most badass way possible: fighting a shark with my fists and drowning at the same time."

    • 6.26.12

      What Kids Say About Favorite Things

      "The best thing about my favorite things is aliens, so that they might come and blow up the school."

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