The DM That Changed My Life: When a Guy Replied to My Nude with a Cry-Laugh Emoji

Reclined on my bed, I resembled, both in posture and atmosphere, the iconic life drawing scene in 'Titanic.'


Emojis That Don’t Exist but Should

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Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp Banned Again in Sri Lanka After Violence Against Muslims

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Can Singapore’s New Law Against Fake News Affect Free Speech?

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WhatsApp Launches a Tip Line for Misinformation in India Ahead of Elections

WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.


You Can Now Get $1 Million For Hacking WhatsApp and iMessage

Companies that buy and sell exploits, or zero-days, are now willing to offer seven figures for hacks that allow spies and cops to steal WhatsApp, iMessage and other chat app messages.


India Pressured WhatsApp to Address Mob Violence—By Hiring Someone 8,000 Miles Away

More than two dozen people have been killed in 17 separate incidents since May as viral fake videos spread unchecked on the network, stirring up racial and religious tensions.


Facebook hired outside group to investigate its role in spreading hate speech in Myanmar

Facebook and WhatsApp have been accused by the U.N. of spreading hate speech that led to ethnic violence against the Rohingya minority.


India Is Threatening to Sue WhatsApp Over Mob Lynchings Linked to Fake News

“Rampant circulation of irresponsible messages in large volumes on WhatsApp’s platform has not been addressed adequately."


India’s Fake News Epidemic Is Killing People, and Modi’s Government Has No Plan to Stop it

“The bigger responsibility lies not with social media companies but with the state that is facilitating this environment of hate and impunity.”


Here’s Everyone You’re Currently Locked in a WhatsApp Group Chat With

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Indonesia Has Declared War on 'Gay Friendly' Emojis

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