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I Have a Computer Chip in My Brain That Reads My Thoughts

The electrode is part of a system that could help people with paralysis bypass their injuries and reanimate their limbs.


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The Scared White People Who Love Donald Trump

The angst over a more black and brown America, coupled with a widespread frustration with the political system, is the driving force behind the juggernaut of Donald Trump.


Justin Bieber's Dreadlocks Show How White People (Still) Steal Everything

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We're Still Marching Towards MLK's Promised Land

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality in America has been deferred.


Grappling with Nostalgia at Mariah Carey's Christmas Concert

On one hand, I really wanted to give myself over to Mariah's magical Christmas dream; on the other hand, I kind of hated myself for being so damn sentimental.


Why the Police Didn't Catch the Cleveland Strangler Sooner

Part three of our series looks into the Cleveland police force's overworked and under-resourced sex crimes department, which contributed to Sowell's ability to prey on vulnerable women for years.


How 11 Black Women Fell Victim to the Cleveland Strangler

In part two of our series, host Wilbert L. Cooper meets with survivors of Anthony Sowell's crimes, retracing the timeline of when the victims went missing and chronicling law enforcement's missteps.