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Woman Finds Drunk Guy Sleeping in Her Dog's Bed, Is Surprisingly Chill About It

The guy apparently went a little too hard on New Year's Eve.
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Insane Senior Prank Was So Good Even the Principal Was Impressed

The cops called it "one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen."
Drew Schwartz
Festivals 2017

Bon Iver’s Dad Helped Me Discover the Secret Jazz History of His Hometown

How a weekend at Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires festival ended in the back of his dad's pickup and a trip to the dive bar down the road.
Katie Bain

Cops Are Hunting an Angry Gun Thief Who Mailed Trump a Manifesto

After a friend filmed him sending the president a screed against government, cops say a heavily armed Joseph Jakubowski completely disappeared.
Allie Conti
march madness

Wisconsin Pulls Off Bigtime Upset Over Defending Champions Villanova

Villanova tried to launch a deep, desperation three to tie it up, but to no avail. Wisconsin is headed to New York City.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Harley-Davidson Canceled Trump's Visit Because of Protest Fears

The president had planned to visit the factory on Thursday and sign another one of his executive orders there.
River Donaghey
college football

Wisconsin Fans' Trump-Lynching-Obama Costumes Are Just About Racist As it Gets

You just need to thumb back less than 50 years through your American history books to find lynching as a horrifyingly common practice.
Liam Daniel Pierce

What We Know About the Wisconsin College Student Accused of Serial Rape

Research suggests many sexual assaults are perpetrated by serial predators, and prosecutors say Alec Cook is one of them.
Allie Conti

Why Police Interrogations Lead to So Many False Confessions

'Making a Murderer' subject Brenden Dassey's confession, which a judge ruled was unlawfully coerced, demonstrates the sometimes dishonest lengths interrogators will go to to extract admissions of guilt.
Cole Kazdin
festivals 2016

The Wisconsinites of Wisconsin's Eaux Claires Festival Weigh in on Wisconsin

We asked attendees at the Bon Iver-curated festival about their personal preferences regarding the state's most famous politicians, beers, quarterbacks and serial killers.
Katie Bain
we saw this

We Saw Bon Iver Debut the New Record '22, A Million' with a Bunch of Wet Wisconsinites

Justin Vernon and company played the new record at his music festival Eaux Claires in the north woods. Mother Nature was even in attendance.
Katie Bain

Tenement’s New Album Is a Little Less Punk and a Little More Pop

The Wisconsin punks add another piece to their musical puzzle.
Tim Scott