The Next Generation of Professional Wrestlers Is Out for Blood

The new crop of fighters are catering to the tastes of the internet age and pushing the sport to violent new heights.
Damian Abraham
2 days ago

Brock Lesnar’s Return to UFC Is Full-Tilt WWE, and We Love it

“When we clash...I’m in that ass!”—Daniel Cormier
Mahmood Fazal
New music

The Mountain Goats Honor a WWE Star on "Song for Sasha Banks"

Banks asked for the song on Twitter three years ago, shortly after John Darnielle released 'Beat the Champ.'
Alex Robert Ross
Objectively Correct Lists

The Top 25 WWE Entrance Songs of All Time

As ‘Monday Night RAW’ celebrates its 25th anniversary, we count down the 25 best wrestler themes.
Sean Neumann

Jinder Mahal's Nihilistic Run as a Top Guy is Over

Submissions don't work on Top Guys, and Mahal lost by submission to AJ. Styles at 'Clash of Champions' on Sunday.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

The Velveteen Dream is WWE's Chance to Move Beyond Gay Panic

Wrestling audiences are ready for a nuanced, sexually ambiguous character like NXT superstar The Velveteen Dream. Is WWE?
Rob Rousseau

Kurt Angle's WWE Documentary is as Real as Pro Wrestling Gets

WWE's wrestler documentaries create telling moments of hyperreality, where things become so real yet so obviously artificial that viewers can’t tell the difference.
Ian Williams

WWE's Failed Double Turn Is a Loss for Everyone

Double turns are incredibly rare because they're so hard to pull off. Well, WWE pulled it off this week with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman—and then the promotion threw their work in the trash.
Ian Williams
lavar ball

LaVar Ball Was As Good As Advertised In WWE

There were catchphrases. There were kung fu poses. There was the removal of a shirt. Damn it all, it was entertaining.
Mike Piellucci

Cody Rhodes Is Finally the Wrestler Everyone Wanted Him to Be

After a tumultuous career with WWE, the newly-crowned Ring of Honor champion might be on his way to being 2017's wrestler of the year.
Ian Williams

WWE Reportedly Wants LaVar Ball on Raw and Nothing Has Ever Made More Sense

Loud and outlandish? Check. Shit talking? Check. Performative dance of doing something macho? Double check.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Toronto Is the Nerdiest Wrestling City in the World

The one thing that doesn't waver in Toronto is the city's passion for professional wrestling. It has been one of the sport's major markets since the 1930s.
Corey Erdman