Finally, a Book About Nazi Soldiers Taking a Shit

Erik Kessels' new work is a collection of photos from WWII depicting German soldiers caught in a very vulnerable act.
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A German Called the Cops over a Bomb That Was Actually Just a Giant Zucchini

Police decided not to bring in the bomb squad after realizing the explosive was edible.
Drew Schwartz
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Talking About Sex and War with a 102-Year-Old

"I prefer younger men – the old ones are no fun. But I haven't actually wanted a boyfriend for ages. It would be such a burden to be in a relationship at my age."
Tim Geyer
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Massive Nazi Artifact Stash Found in Secret Room in Argentina

Authorities believe all 75 pieces may have entered the country with top Third Reich leaders fleeing prosecution after WWII.
River Donaghey
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A Family Found a Nazi Bomb in Their Shed and Don't Know Where it's From

How the 79-year-old military weapon made its way from the Third Reich to a western Idaho backyard remains a mystery.
River Donaghey
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How Experts Finally Reconstructed the "Eighth Wonder of the World"

The Amber Room, a jewel worth hundreds of millions, vanished during World War II. Russia would spend two decades recreating it.
Noémie Jennifer
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Trump Offers Remarks at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

The president is set to deliver remarks in DC for the Week of Remembrance at 11:20 AM EST.
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The World's First "Brainwave Opera" Is a Mind-F*ck

The story of covert WWII operative Noor Inayat Khan becomes a neurologically-driven performance.
Nathaniel Ainley
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The Untold Story of the Small Canadian Town That Was Haunted by Radio Transmissions

From hearing voices in sinks to flickering lights, a new film looks at the otherworldly phenomena caused by Sackville's shortwave towers.
Jesse Locke

England's 'Mind Control Tower' Is a Spiritual Reminder of War History

For the Estuary 2016 festival, artist Heidi Wigmore reclaims a military structure for the public.
Catherine Chapman

When Artwork Survives Catastrophe

From 9/11 to Islamic State pillaging, historical events literally shaped these artworks.
Kara Weisenstein

Nazi Flags and Brexit Fans: I Went to a Massive Festival for People Obsessed with War

The War and Peace Show felt quite sweet and highly problematic all at the same time.
Tom Usher, Photos: Alexander McBride Wilson