In Photos: The Psychedelic Beauty of BC Music Festivals

Jude Star's new book Do You Believe in Magic? captures the "weirdness and self exploration" of trippy music fests.

Oct 14 2016, 3:32pm

Jude Star is a Toronto-based photographer whose work involves immersing himself in fringe cultures to explore psychedelic experiences and/or mystical states. His new book, Do You Believe in Magic?, captures the "weirdness and self exploration" of the music festival scene in British Columbia. As Star writes in his artist statement for the launch, which happens on October 15 at Working Title in Toronto: "Immersing myself in the festival culture, without normal cultural reference points, I could feel myself opening up and I could see the others around me opening up as well. I could feel something that I hadn't felt since I was a kid, a sense of magic."

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