This Couple’s RV Road Trip Shows Off Canada at Its Best

Pretty, pretty pictures.

by Stephanie Foden
Nov 12 2016, 5:00am

​ This post originally appeared on VICE Canada

I've driven across Canada before, but I only saw the postcards. This summer I decided to take my time: My partner and I bought a 1987 motorhome off Kijiji and took our Brazilian doberwiener* on a penniless, unplanned four-month road trip. The highlight? Almost everything in between the highlights, from weird-ass small towns straight out of The Twilight Zone to adjourning a quarrel with my boyfriend when I realized we were driving through the goddamn Northern Lights. After leading a nomadic life for the last four years, it was pretty epic to show my little Brazilian family how mind-blowing Canada is.

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*At the time of the publishing of this story, Brazilian doberwieners were still not a thing. Let's make it happen.