The RCMP Made a 'Hotline Bling' Parody Video and It Is as Terrible as It Sounds

Anyone who likes this video is the Feds.

Apr 20 2016, 4:08pm

No. Screenshot via YouTube

While many of us eagerly await Views From the 6, Canada's Mounties have decided to turn a half-baked idea of dancing to Drake's hit "Hotline Bling" into a video calling attention to the law about moving over when police have stopped another vehicle.

"Ever since May 2010, you... / Can be fined if you don't move / To the lane farthest / From red and blue / If it's safe for you to do," sings an auto-tuned Dudley Do-Right.

Instead of the clean, colour-morphing, spacious vision of Director X, the poor, defenseless viewers of "Cop Light Bling" are treated to a bunch of white RCMP officers in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia appropriating one of Drake's best videos while dressed in bright yellow-coloured safety vests dancing awkwardly next to and on top of cruisers. At one point, several cops are dancing around with a dog calendar featuring some sort of terrier in sunglasses while smiling giddily, moving their hips out of beat, and pointing to the camera.

No word yet on if the 6ix God approves, but if we had to guess, we're pretty sure that's a no.

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