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Die Antwoord Announce That They're Breaking Up, Share "Fat Faded Fuck Face," Say They've Made a Gangster Film

"It’s all over," said Ninja. "I feel beautiful about it. I’m not scared of the end. I’m a Ninja. I'm not scared of death.”

by Alex Robert Ross
Sep 12 2016, 12:55pm

Photo via Die Antwoord on Instagram

Batshit fucking mental South African duo Die Antwoord announced in an interview with Exclaim! today that they'll be breaking up in September 2017. "Die Antwoord dies on that day," said lead singer Ninja. "It's all over. I feel beautiful about it. I'm not scared of the end. I'm a Ninja. I'm not scared of death."

It was a busy day for the batshit fucking mental South African duo, too. They also dropped a batshit fucking mental song, "Fat Faded Fuck Face," following on from the release of last week's batshit fucking mental video for "Banana Brain." It sounds like a trap song and Ninja affects an American accent. Here's a line from it: "How'd you get so fat? How'd you get so whack? / Fuck the fuck off, once you gone whack, you never go back / Something crawled up your anus and died / That's why your face is so fucked up."


Also in the Exclaim! interview, Ninja said that the band will make their exit with a show at Cape Town's Museum of Contemporary Modern Art Africa and a movie called South African Ninja. "It's a South African gangster film that has African ninjas in it, he said, making sense. "We've been working on forever, literally like ten years, and we've just been finishing it off now."

Right. Listed to "Fat Faded Fuck Face" below. Their new album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid, is out September 16.

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