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​Woolymammoth is One of the Most Challenging Producers in Bass Music

And his "Tricks" EP, released tomorrow, is proof.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Nov 2 2015, 10:53pm

Woolymammoth glitches and contorts low end frequencies with such a warped flair that everyone from Diplo to Noisia to Team Supreme has been clamoring for a piece of his beats over the past year.

Cut from the same aesthetic cloth as the heretofore singular EPROM, the Bay Area-based producer takes hip-hop inspired bass music to its more experimental reaches, while still bringing the bassweight and offering a heaping serving of that stankfaced holy shit factor that has always been at the core of low end aesthetics.

Woolymammoth's newest release, Tricks, released tomorrow on Buygore, is 5-tracks of chaotic minimalism, bleeps, bloops, and pummeling low end that sounds like it's been garbled through some fucked up HAL 9000 shit over loping tempos.

The aesthetic set forth on Tricks has something for bassheads and chinstrokers alike, a rarity in today's bass music milieu. Considering that the kid is barely out of high school, we'll be keeping a close ear on the mind-bending headfuckery he'll be producing a couple of years from now.

Woolymammoth is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter