Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Vanquished Satan with Home Run* in First Pro At-Bat

Time Tebow hit his first home run off the 666th pick in the 2015 draft.

by Sean Newell
Apr 7 2017, 5:41pm

When you wield the power of light with your bare hands. Photo by Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow made his professional debut for the Single-A Columbia Fireflies on Thursday and hit a home run* in his first at-bat. I have asterisked home run because, yet again, the documentary evidence of Tebow's offensive prowess is inconclusive. Even St. Tim himself thought it was a double, but the umpires ruled it a home run. These games being filmed largely via handheld potato, we are just going to have to take their word for it.

There is an interesting wrinkle to this story, however, for the man who became famous for kneeling in silent prayer after scoring touchdowns back when he was a middling football player. Tim Tebow hit a home run off Domenic Mazza, who was selected in 22nd round of the 2015 draft by the San Francisco Giants. Mazza was pick No. 666 overall in that draft.

As we all know, the number 666 means you are the devil. Satan. Lucifer himself. The mighty and terrifying Beelzebub. The Great Deceiver and Ruiner of Light. And with one mighty swing of his bat, Tebow cast the Prince of Darkness back into the shadow. Allegedly.