Report: At Least 17 Killed in Crush at Angola Soccer Stadium

At least 17 people were killed and 59 injured as a crowd of hundreds stormed the stadium gates.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Feb 10 2017, 11:05pm

At least 17 people were killed and 59 injured as soccer fans rushed the stadium gates at a soccer match in Angola today, according to Reuters. Hundreds of people were trampled, trapped, and suffocated in the crush. The crowds at the gates would have exceeded the Uige stadium's 8,000-person capacity, according to witnesses.

From Reuters:

"When we wanted to go in, we found a barrier. The first row of people fell down... I was in the third layer (of people)," said 37-year-old fan João Silva, who survived the crush with a broken foot.

Domingos Vika, 35, who broke a hand, added: "When they gave the opportunity for everyone to come in, we were all packed at the gate already."

Five of the injured are reportedly in serious condition—there are graphic photos of the dead and wounded online.

The match was set between Santa Rita de Cássia and Libolo as Angola's first division championship, and the venue received prior approval from Angolan sport authorities, despite security concerns. There were reportedly only two policemen on hand at the scene of the tragedy.

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