Super Bowl LI

Genie Bouchard Agrees to Date After Super Bowl Bet with Fan on Twitter

Tennis star Genie Bouchard learned a valuable lesson last night: never tweet.

by Dave Brown
Feb 6 2017, 7:15pm

Tennis star Genie Bouchard peaked (so far) as a professional in 2014, when she was named the most improved player on the WTA circuit after reaching the Wimbledon women's final. Bouchard peaked on social media Sunday night when she agreed on Twitter to go on a date with a random fan who bet her that the Patriots would come back to beat the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Her acquiescence comes just days after revealing, also on social media, that she has been dating NHL player Jordan Caron.

Ready to chaperone, big guy?

Although she has struggled on the court in recent times, with her WTA ranking falling to 45, Bouchard remains one of the more popular tennis players in the world. She's also a big sports fan, which helps to keep fans hovering virtually in breathless anticipation for her next move, no matter where it comes. So when the Falcons took a three-touchdown lead in the first half, Bouchard felt the need to give her two cents on Twitter just like any other armchair quarterback. The problem with social media is, people pay attention if you're famous. Especially people who call themselves Punslayin' Tiger Woods:

Her confidence soon waned as the game progressed and New England chipped away at the lead, while fans checked in to see if she was getting nervous:

And then the Pats actually did it, and pulled off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

To her credit, Bouchard did the right thing when it was over:

Sound advice. Also: Never start a land war in Asia and never, ever, ever tweet.